MS M.801, fol. 121r

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Werner Rolevinck

Fasciculus temporum

Naples, Italy
ca. 1498
420 x 230 mm
MS M.801
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Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Harbor of Genoa -- Ship, inscribed BREGANTINO, with many oars, cabin with banners, flanked by shores with buildings. Two ships at right.
Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Expedition of Fernando Francesco d'Avalos -- Fernando Francesco d'Avalos, inscribed LO S(IGNOR) MARCHESE DE PESCARA, wearing plumed helmet and armor, holding sword with right hand is astride bridled, caparisoned horse, amid soldiers wearing plumed helmets and armor, some raising swords, some carrying lances, astride bridled caparisoned horses. Preceding them, at right, are man blowing bannered trumpet possibly decorated with heraldry of Aragon, astride bridled horse with trappings; group of men carrying spears and swords; and man playing pipe and tabor.