MS M.801, fol. 93r

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Werner Rolevinck

Fasciculus temporum

Naples, Italy
ca. 1498
420 x 230 mm
MS M.801
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Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Nobles entering Naples -- Cesare of Aragon and Francesco Zurlo, Count of Nocera, wearing hats and spurs, one holding flower or scepter with right hand, are astride bridled horses, following two men wearing hats, one with right hand on breast, grasping with left hand sword at waist, and the other carrying spear on left shoulder. At right are three (?) horsemen, wearing hats, one with spurs, two carrying lances.
Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Death of Elizabeth Vassallo -- Body of Elizabeth Vassallo, reclines on bier supported by man at each corner, one only partially visible.