MS M.801, fol. 81r

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Werner Rolevinck

Fasciculus temporum

Naples, Italy
ca. 1498
420 x 230 mm
MS M.801
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Cronaca della Napoli Aragonese: Scene, Liberation of Otranto -- In landscape, buildings of city, army on winding road including: camp of nine tents with banners next to road; three soldiers, two wearing helmets, one with plumed hat, all wearing armor and spurs, astride horses, two holding lances, the foremost holding mace and shield decorated with heraldry, next to inscription in margin LO S(IGNOR) GRAN SINISCALCO.
Cannon on wagon drawn by two horses next to inscription MONSIGNORE DELL FIEO; six or seven soldiers, three with plumed helmets, all wearing armor, seven (?) holding spears, one with sword at waist following two soldiers, plumed helmets, wearing armor and spurs, carrying bannered lances, astride bridled horses; cannon with wheels, foot soldiers, some carrying spears, some with shields, and three soldiers wearing plumed helmets, armor and spurs, carrying lances astride bridled horses; inscription next to foremost, LO S(IGNOR) DE MANERA.
At bottom, horseman possibly riding sideways following group of soldiers, one astride horse, carrying spears, some bannered, four carrying large shields, most wearing long tunics, next to inscription in margin LO S(IGNOR) CONTE DE DUCENTI.