MA 1226, p. 19

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Jane Austen

Lady Susan

Autograph manuscript, fair copy, of a novel


Purchased, 1947

MA 1226

on my resentful heart, you may judge how much
more strongly they operate on Mr. Vernon's generous
temper. — I wish I could be as well satisfied as
he is, that it was really her choice to leave Lang:
:ford for Churchhill; & if she had not stayed three
months there before she discovered that her friend's
manner of Living did not suit her situation or
feelings, I might have believed that concern for
the loss of such a Husband as Mr. Vernon, to whom
her own behaviour was far from unexceptionable
might for a time make her wish for retirement.
But I cannot forget the length of her visit to
the Mainwarings, & when I reflect on the different
mode of life which she led with them from that
to which she must now submit, I can only sup:
:pose that the wish of establishing her reputation
by following, tho' late, the path of propriety, occa:
:sioned her removal from a family where she must


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