Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

MS M.887.1

Virgin and Child Enthroned with the Gentleman of Cologne and a Soldier, in an initial A

ca. 1500
MS M.887.1

Fol. 24v–25r

Trinity Adored by the Choirs of Angels (fols. 24v–25)

ca. 1517
MS M.1166 (fols. 24v–25)

Fol. 23v

Saul Slaying Nahash and the Ammonites; Samuel Anoints Saul and Sacrifices to the Lord

MS M.638 (fol. 23v)

The Queen of Swords

Bonifacio Bembo

The Queen of Swords

ca. 1450–1480
MS M.630 (no. 23)

MS M.652, fol. 114v

Pedanius Dioscorides
(Greek, active ca. A.D. 50)


ca. 930–70
MS M.652, fol. 114v

MS M. 1044, fol. 45

Gaston Phoebus

Making Snares and Feeding Dogs

ca. 1407
MS M. 1044 (fol. 45)

Fol. 10v

Anne de Bretagne at Confession

ca. 1492–95
MS M.50 (fol. 10v)

MS M.1001, fol. 98r

Robinet Testard


ca. 1475
MS M.1001, fol. 98r

MS M.763

Hugo von Trimberg
(ca. 1230–ca. 1313)

Der Renner, in German

Last quarter of the 15th century
MS M.763