Forgotten English II Knowledge Cards

Deck of 48 cards
3.25 x 4 inches

From the murky depths of the English language, Jeffrey Kacirk has amassed this storehouse of linguistic treasures. Drawing on centuries of commentary, folklore, and literature, Kacirk unearths forty-eight definitions of once-popular tonics, purgatives, cordials, restoratives, gargles, medicinals, analgesics, and recreational toxins. When you've learned from these cards what people used to drink, wear on their heads, or stick up their noses, you'll understand why European history has unfolded in such a peculiar fashion.

With 48 fact-filled cards per package, these Knowledge Cards are a great source of condensed information–all in a deck the size of a pack of playing cards. Tastefully illustrated, the cards present a word on one side and its definition, quoted from a host of archaic references, on the other.