The Medieval Scapini Tarot Deck and Book Set

78 cards and instruction booklet
Celtic Cross tarot spread sheet
Art and Arcana by Ronald Decker (282 pages)

Italian artist Luigi Scapini’s lavish paintings recreate fifteenth-century Italy in this gold-accented tarot deck, whose intricate and elegant design captures the artistic splendor of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Lush settings and period costumes illustrate the Major and Minor Arcana. Interesting details, and sometimes-humorous references, are imbedded in the artwork, with many of the cards depicting historical figures—for example, Rasputin as the Knight of Cups.

The accompanying text, Art and Arcana, Commentary on the Medieval Scapini Tarot, guides the reader through the history of Tarot and fifteenth-century Italy, and provides insight into Scapini's artwork.