Drawings and Prints: Curatorial Records Assistant


The Department of Drawings and Prints seeks an assistant to help maintain the extensive curatorial files that pertain to the Morgan’s collection of more than 10,000 drawings and prints made before 1900. Maintenance includes filing archival documents and past research, photocopying and filing recent research, and innovating effective ways to ensure material relevant to the collection is easily accessible.

Other tasks may include general administrative office support, photocopying materials for curatorial research, and retrieving research materials from the reference collection.

This is an excellent opportunity for highly organized and detail oriented individuals with an interest in old master drawings and prints to gain more familiarity with the subject matter, and to work closely with curatorial records and staff.


College degree required. Background in art history with an interest in drawings and prints preferred. Individual must be attentive to detail, well organized, proficient in basic office skills (Microsoft Office Suite), and be familiar with basic museum research tools.

One day per week, Mondays strongly preferred.