Photo of Glyptotek gallery

In der Glyptothek
Of this experience, Dine has written:

The museum was closed, there was no noise, there was nobody, no distractions, just a guard who let me in and out, and it was night so I relied on artificial light. I was focusing on something not alive. I was trying to bring the statues to life, but it was a lot easier than a live person, way easier. They don't move, and I was alone, I could look as long and as hard as I needed to in a place that was closed off and silent. In a certain way it was the optimal situation. But what is really the optimal situation for me is to get my brain around what I'm trying to do. That's all. I've got to be in that state when I make the drawing, then my heart and my hand do the 'looking.'

Image: Gallery view, Glyptothek, Munich

Staatliche Antikensammlungen und Glyprothek München
Photograph by : Renate Kühling