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The Morgan Online Exhibitions
Illuminating Fashion: Dress in the Art of Medieval France and the Netherlands

The Fashion Revolution Begins

The Fashion Revolution Explodes

Idleness Personified

Narcissus Admires Himself

A Well-Dressed Lucretia Commits Suicide

Alexander the Great Fashionista

Salome and Herodias in Killer Clothes

Women Encounter Bad Advice and Irrationality

The Lover Encounters Wealth

Tormentors Are Always Well Dressed

Fashion in a Missal

The Lover Encounters Danger and Reason

Personification of the Church is Conservatively Dressed

Like a (Well-Dressed) Virgin

Portrait of the Author: Gaston Phoebus

The Well-Dressed Trainer of Huntsmen

No Bloodstains on These Clothes

The Fashionable in Pursuit of the Wolf

Royals Dressed for Edifying Leisure

Delilah Dressed for Success

St. Adrian as a Fashion Plate (Part 1)

Jilted Suitor in a Murderous Rage

Women Dress Down

Catherine of Cleves Shows Off

St. Adrian as a Fashion Plate (Part 2)

Women's Headgear Achieves New Heights

Musicians Have Always Been Snappy Dressers

St. Julian Accidentally Kills His Parents

The Whore of Babylon Dresses the Part

St. Eugenia's Clothes Are Encoded

Women's Headgear Reaches Its Climax

Genevieve: The Period's Poster Girl

Catfight at the Crossroads

Personification of Pride

A Fop Goes Hawking (Part 1)

Pinnacle of the V-Shaped Silhouette for Men

King Charles VIII in a New Look

Death Takes a Knight

New Trends Reflected in a Bishop's Prayer Book

Striped Hose and Double Hats

Portraits in Prayer Books

A Fop Goes Hawking (Part 2)

Clothing Reflects Character and Status

Young Love in the Spring (Part 1)

Bulkiness Dominates the Look for Men

Hunting with Dogs Versus Birds

King François I Sports the New Look

Young Love in the Spring (Part 2)

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