Medieval & Renaissance Manuscripts

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Fol. 24v–25r

Trinity Adored by the Choirs of Angels (fols. 24v–25)

ca. 1517
MS M.1166 (fols. 24v–25)
Bruges, Belgium, ca. 1520.
MS M.307
Rome, Italy, 1520.
MS H.6
Rome, Italy, 1523.
MS M.1134
Dijon, France, ca. 1536-1537.
MS M.1144
Venice, Italy, 1542.
MS M.507
Rome, Italy, 1546.
MS M.69

MS M.69 102v–103r

The Crucifixion; Moses and the Brazen Serpent

MS M.69 102v–103r

MS M.69, fol. 72v–73r

Papal Procession at Old St. Peter's, from the "Farnese Hours," Rome use, in Latin

MS M.69, fol. 72v–73r

MS M.69, fols. 26v–27r

Adoration of the Shepherds; Fall of Man

MS M.69 (fols. 26v–27r)